For those of us who are on a strict diet, eating a ‘healthy snack’ might seem like a life saver. But are these healthy snacks really healthy? Are you sure you’re not compromising your hardworking diet just to satisfy your palate? We hear you buddy. Here are 6 snacks that are supposedly healthy but aren’t really what they claim. You’ll also find below super healthy swaps that’ll make life a lot easier for you. While we are suggesting these healthy options for you, it’s important to know that portion size matters. Keep a close check and enjoy!

Ready to make popcorn!

The popcorn you find in the supermarket isle that lures you into picking them up, especially if you’re having a movie night with friends at home might seem like a super healthy option. We mean, what can go wrong with popcorn right? Sorry to break it to you – these popcorn packets are not really healthy (yes, including the microwaveable one). The ready to make popcorn is generally laden with loads of salted and flavoured butter, and if you read the label carefully you’ll find trans/saturated fats as well.

TRY: Homemade, air popped popcorn

If it’s popcorn that you’re craving for then buy a packet of corn seeds and store them. Toss them in the microwave or a pressure cooker and let them pop. The popcorn is as yummy as it can be, it’ll work out cheaper, and you also get to add your favourite flavours. You could also try black salt instead.

Flavoured yogurt

Hasn’t this been a very common favourite among the health enthusiasts off late? We’re not surprised. Because flavoured yogurt tastes heavenly. But have you given it a thought as to why it’s so yummy? Flavoured yogurt, unfortunately, are packed with tons of sugar and artificial flavouring or sweetners. So much for being healthy, huh?

TRY: Plain yogurt with natural flavours (DIY please!)

No matter what, there’s no disagreeing on the fact that yogurt is one of the healthiest snacking options. How about you having a cup of plain yogurt with cut fruits and honey instead of sugar? You could add blueberries, cut strawberries, or any fruit of your choice, nuts and seeds! You get the best because you choose what goes in it.

Plain yogurt with natural flavours

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We know you’ll hate us for this, but chocolates are surely a no-no. Especially if you’re trying to cut down on sugar and shed weight. But we can’t deny that chocolate has its own heavenly delight. So what do we do?

TRY: Dark chocolate

While dark chocolate has the same ‘heavenly’ pleasure of eating a normal chocolate, it’s definitely a healthier option. The sugar content in dark chocolate is much lower and it is also packed with antioxidants, zinc, iron, selenium and a couple more minerals which are all highly beneficial for you. Having said that, don’t forget to take a look at the label and the sugar content in it. Then again, don’t just gob down the entire bar.

Dark Chocolate

Crispies or chips

Yeah we bet you already know this. But that bag of french fries or chips is just so yummy, you just can’t stop at one. Even if it’s your cheat day and you want to treat yourself to something that’s crispy and yummy, believe us, chips is not an option.

TRY: Sweet potato wedges

Might sound a little off at first but sweet potato wedges are undeniably tastier than that bag of chips. Add little to no salt, and they can be your favourite treats! Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, vitamin B6, C and D. We recommend this to you and can vouch for the marvellous taste.

Sweet potato wedges


If sweets have been your weakness all your life then we feel you. And for good reasons we can also tell you that most of us are addicted to it! The sugary sweet and succulent ones are even more difficult to do without. But then again, it isn’t healthy (zero nutritional value) and comes stringed with heaps of calories.

TRY: Fruit slices or dry fruits

Here’s an option to gratify your sweet tooth! Have a slice of seasonal fruits like mangoes, watermelons, handful of grapes or a few lychees. They’re sweet and absolutely delish. In case of sudden craving you could turn to dry fruits like raisins, dried apricot, and dates. Just ensure they don’t have exorbitant amounts of added sugars and you’re sorted.

Fruit slices or dry fruits

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Ice cream

“It’s summer. How can we not have ice-creams!” *sob sob*. We know! It’s painful to stay away from ice cream, especially in this scorching heat. But think about it – does ice cream have anything good except the taste? No, right? *sigh* But don’t worry, we’ve got this covered too.

TRY: Homemade frozen desserts

Peel 2 ripe bananas and freeze them (preferably overnight but a couple of hours is good enough too). Once frozen, add them to the mixer and grind to smooth paste. To have it immediately: you could add some dry fruits and nuts and enjoy! If you prefer it to be less creamy and more firm, transfer into an airtight container and freeze for an hour. And voila – 1 exotic, super yummy, and extremely healthy bowl of happiness awaits you. Another option could also be adding fruits to frozen yogurt.

homemade frozen dessert

These were just a few healthy options. You could experiment with a lot more. Sliced veggies with salt, pepper, and seasonings. Have fresh cottage cheese with veggies to make a customised salad; the choices are numerous. All you need is the enthusiasm to go about it the right way. Get yourself to eat clean and you’ve already won half the battle. We hope you have an undisputed victory! Share this article with you friends and help them with snacking healthy too. Share your healthy snack with us in the comments section below.

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