United States: The world has been dealing with changes, leading to chronic diseases, unhealthy lifestyles and exposure to other health-related issues. During this time, everyone is in search of a healthy lifestyle, and adding exercise is one of the ways followed by an individual.

Many people believe that weekdays are suitable for exercise and physical activity and weekends must be rest days. However, the latest study has concluded that a person must exercise for at least 150 minutes (two and a half hours) on weekends and can skip exercise during the week.

Concentrated exercise on weekends is equal to cardiovascular benefits of week-long exercise: Study

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), concentrated and moderate to vigorous activity done during the weekends (one or two days a week) is equivalent to exercise done throughout the week in terms of cardiovascular benefits.

Visual Representation: Youngsters working out | Credits: Getty Images

The study was led by Dr Shaan Khurshid, who serves as the cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. In this regard, Khurshid was quoted saying, “I think it’s empowering to say it doesn’t matter so much how you get it. The important thing is that you do get it,” as per the reports by CBS News.

Through the conducted study, the researcher underscored that every concentrated physical activity, such as weekend runs, bike rides, soccer matches, or brisk walks, is counted.

Researcher Dr Khurshid further added, “As a physician, there’s frequently kind of a rule of thumb that we say, you know, 30 minutes, five days a week. It makes sense in certain schedules, but that is also very difficult to achieve for other people who only have the weekend available or only have one or two days a week.”

Kathy Odds, a weekend exercise follower

CBS News recently interacted with Kathy Odds, an individual who opts for Saturdays for running exercises.

Odds was quoted saying, “I work for a bank, so it’s a pretty long day most days. So, finding the times to fit in and exercise can be tricky. What I love most about the weekend exercise (is) the opportunity to socialize. So not only is it my physical well-being that I’m looking after, it’s also my mental well-being.”

Visual Representation of Outdoor Exercise

Another benefit underscored in the research was related to time management during the time when days get shorter. As per the research, weekend exercise can be the best option when the days get shorter and dark sooner.

On the contrary, another research has concluded that the benefits of exercise and physical activity can be achieved with less intensity and more frequent movement. The study was especially focused on those individuals who are engaged in sitting jobs during the workday.

An exercise physiologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Dr Keith Diaz, worked on the above-mentioned study. He stated, at CBS News, that quick strolls – every hour – could go a long way for a healthy life.

He stated, “We found a five-minute light walk every half-hour offset many of the harms from sitting.” Additionally, he highlighted that sitting too much can become the reason behind heart disease and diabetes and can also increase the risk of some forms of cancer.


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