US: World Vegan Day is celebrated on November 1 every year. The day is commemorated to raise awareness related to the advantages of the vegan diet. On this day, various vegan organizations come together to share the importance of a vegan diet on the environment and health of an individual.

The day is celebrated by organizing seminars, workshops and educational sessions sharing the advantages of becoming vegan and much more. Information related to vegan cuisines is also shared during the events. Because of the several benefits, it has gained popularity among the general public.

Which food is termed as vegan?

It is to be noted that a vegan diet means the elimination of all animal products from the diet, including meat, eggs, poultry and others.

World Vegan Day 2024: Celebrating the benefits of vegan lifestyle | Credits: Google

Theme, History for World Vegan Day 2024


 In 2024, the day was commemorated under the theme “Celebrating for a Good Cause.”


The world has been celebrating the day since November 1, 1994. It was founded by “The Vegan Society” to encourage the plant-based diet as well as veganism. According to, it was the brainchild of the animal rights activist Louise Wallis when she was searching for a fitting venue to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society.

It is to be highlighted that the word “vegan” was introduced into the English language by her. It was because of her continuous efforts that the vegan organization survived and is now well-established.

How opting for a vegan diet is beneficial?

A vegan diet comes with multiple benefits, but the top five benefits are as follows:

1.)  Improved Cholesterol and Blood Pressure: A vegan or vegetarian diet helps in improving cholesterol control and lowering blood pressure, resulting in a drop in several cardiac risk factors. It is worth mentioning that male vegans experience more heart benefits.

2.)  Balanced Blood Sugar Level: If an individual experiencing blood sugar irregularities switches to a vegan diet, then he/she may experience lower blood sugar levels and increased insulin sensitivity, which lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

3.)  Weight loss: Eating a vegan diet gives an individual lower calories, healthier fats, and lots of fiber. The fiber helps in keeping full, resulting in less snacking.

4.)  Good nutritional quality: The vegan diet is directly linked with the improved diet because the food included in the diet is rich in vitamins C and E, folate, as well as minerals like magnesium and potassium.

5.)  Healthy skin: Epidemiological studies have outlined that a vegan diet results in improved skin health.


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