One of the best ways to bring the digestive system back on track is to include Gud/Jaggery in your everyday diet. Gud is the golden ingredient and believe me it can help you keep the medicines at bay. Our hectic lifestyle does not allow us to reflect on how the food we eat affects our physical system (in a positive or a negative way). Most of us aren’t aware but our digestive system tends to get disturbed for a number of reasons apart from the most common factors like indigestion, constipation etc. So it becomes important that we monitor what we eat, how we feel about the food we eat and how our bodies react to it.

Once, we do this, it’s important to make the necessary changes in our diet. An important step you can take is to include Gud in your diet. Our forefathers have been using it all their lives for the magic ingredient that it is. Gud can be consumed after meals in many ways. You can dissolve it in a cup of water in case you don’t like its raw taste or you can replace it wherever you are using white sugar-the best way. I started making these changes consciously in my diet and it has been wonderful so far.

Amazing Health Benefits

Gud has amazing health benefits. To start with it’s made out of sugar cane juice, which again is great for its digestive properties. Gud is an excellent natural sweetener and does not harm your body like white sugar. It can naturally cure constipation and you need not rely on those heavy laxatives. If you have someone elderly in your family who frequently suffers from constipation then you can help them naturally by giving Gud after meals. 

Gud also increases the energy levels in your body. It is known to cleanse the blood impurities and digestive system thus improving immunity. Ladies, you probably were not aware that Gud can relieve you from menstrual pain too. Next time you get those cramps in the initial days of your period, have moderate sized lumps through the day or dissolve it in water and have it. Gud also strengthens your intestinal health as it aids digestion and works aggressively to keep your colon clean. One of the most amazing properties of Gud is that it balances your body temperature in all seasons. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Gud also helps in aiding weight loss, recovery from respiratory issues, relieves joint pain,and is a rich sources of iron, zinc, fibre and other minerals.  

Must Try Recipes

You can find below some of the recipes that I regularly try with Gud. If you are a tea or a coffee person, you can easily replace sugar with Gud instead. You can use it in every single dish, drinks, desserts that you make and it’ll not disappoint you in taste. Feel free to reach out to me with your feedback, suggestions or just say a Hi!!!

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Recipe: Eggless Ginger Gud/Gur/Jaggery Cake (Whole Wheat Cake)


Whole wheat flour (2 cups); Jaggery/Gud (1 Cup); Yogurt or Curd (1 Cup); Refined Oil (3/4 Cup); Cinnamon Powder (1 pinch); Ginger Powder (1/2 tsp); Cooking Soda (1/2 spn); Cooking Powder (1/2 spn); Vanilla Essence (1 tsp); Assorted Nuts (Walnuts, Raisins, Almonds etc.)


Mix all dry ingredients in one bowl (Flour, Cinnamon Powder, Ginger Powder, Cooking Soda, Cooking Powder and all wet ingredients in another (Curd, Oil) and blend them well.  Microwave or heat the Gud/Jaggery till it melts. Then add it to the curd and oil mixture and mix it well. Then add all dry ingredients into the wet ones. Mix all of it to make a smooth batter. Add the batter to a greased cake pan/tray. Ready to hit the microwave. Preheat it to 180 degree (C) and bake it at 160 for 20-25 minutes. Once done. let it cool and serve!

Tips/Hacks: If you haven’t used Jaggery earlier, you might want to adjust the sweetness. Once you get into the habit of regularly using Jaggery, it’ll be easy to gauge the quantity. You can add fruits and nuts (after soaking them overnight or 2 hours at least) on the crust or inside the batter to add more flavor and taste.

Recipe: Gud Ka Halwa

Ingredients: Milk (1/2 cup); Saffron (A  pinch soaked in water for an hour); Water (2 Cups); Jaggery (100-120 gms melted in hot water. Do not cook. Just add it in water and heat the mixture till Jaggery melts); Cardamom Powder (3/4 tsp); Melted Ghee (6 – 7 tbsp); Semolina (1 cup); Assorted Nuts.

Method: Add cardamom powder to Jaggery mixture, mix it and keep it aside. Use a kadhai (medium sized pan) and fry Semolina in melted ghee. On a medium flame fry it till it becomes golden brown in color and turns aromatic. Now add the Saffron and Jaggery mixture to Semolina, cook on high flame and stir continuously till Semolina absorbs all water and becomes like a thick paste. It starts to leave the pan. Once, you get the consistency of a paste, take it off the pan and garnish it with nuts and a string of Saffron. Serve hot!

Tips/Hacks: Adjust the quantity of Jaggery according to the sweetness you want. You can also make this halwa by using wheat flour. Nuts can be Powdered/Crunchy/Whole. They can be raw or dry roasted or lightly fried in ghee as you may like it. You can also use sesame seeds to garnish. You can use food colors if you want your dessert in a particular. It’s ideal to leave it in a natural shade though.

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Note: If it’s the first time then please monitor how your body is reacting. Although I haven’t read or come across any negative effects nor have I experienced any myself ( I eat a lot of Gud in my daily diet), it can be different with each body type. So it’s safe to observe for a month and decide for yourself.

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