United States: A convoy of ambulances was struck by Israel on Friday, according to the Palestinian health authorities in Hamas-controlled Gaza. The ambulances were about to leave al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, heading to the south of the territory to evacuate the injured people.

The reports are being reviewed by the spokesperson for the military of Israel, according to the news agency Reuters.

Israeli strike targets Gaza ambulance convoy leaving hospital | Credits: AFP (Getty Images)

Accordingly, the spokesperson for the ministry, Ashraf al-Qidra, has outlined, “The occupation targeted the convoy in more than one location outside the door of al-Shifa Hospital.”

Qidra was quoted saying that the convoy of ambulances was targeted at two places – at the hospital gate and a kilometer away at Ansar Square. However, the spokesperson did not share details regarding the deaths reported because of the incident.

Remarks of the local media

According to the reports by Reuters, the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa television underscored that the health ministry has registered deaths and injuries from the above-mentioned incident.

In addition to this, another Hamas-run Al-Shehab television also stated that several people were killed as well as wounded.

Qidra: Ambulances to go in Egypt from Gaza for critically injured Palestinians

The spokesperson, earlier on Friday, stated that the authorities have decided that ambulances will be sent to Egypt from Gaza City to treat the critically injured Palestinians.

Israeli strike targets Gaza ambulance convoy leaving hospital | Credits: Getty Images

It is to be noted that the authorities of Israel last week asked that civilians leave the north of Gaza City as they are planning for a ground invasion. In addition to this, the authorities have also accused Hamas of concealing command centers and tunnel entrances in al-Shifa hospital, according to Reuters.

However, the authorities of al-Shifa Hospital and Hamas have denied that access to the facility for the militant group.

The news agency Reuters has verified a video, which has gone viral on social media, which shows people lying in blood next to a light-flashing ambulance on the streets of the city. The video also shows the people rushing and seeking help.

It is to be noted that social media is filled with videos and posts showing people injured and wounded because of the continuous attacks and airstrikes.


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